I have been blessed with a number of talented artists that I wish to acknowledge.  These people offer an amazing insight into the creative process and have enriched my life.

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RICHARD BURRILL - My twin brother is a published author with his own publishing company, THE ANTHRO COMPANY.  His current research into Ishi, has lead to the most comprehensive collection of Ishi facts in existence.  While I have been producing educational films,  my brothers has been publishing  books.  His brotherly love, encouragement, and shared interest in education as a on going life style, reflects my very being. 

Visit his web site  www.ishifacts.com

DAVID HATCH - Professor Hatch of San Jose State University is my mentor in education.   I first audited his classes in the Art department and shared his enthusiasm in art history.   As my Masters Degree Advisor, David shared my investigations into film making  with enthusiasm.   We have shared synergistic interests, from art education to similar personal social histories.   David is a scholar of the history of art, with a anthropological expertise second only to my twin brother.    David has been a sounding board for practically all of my creative productions.   And a sincere friend since 1966.

ROBERT CHAPMAN - Robert Chapman the big "Redman" (who sported a long pony tail for years) is one of my adopted students.  One of the nicest persons I've ever known,  Bob has a technical competence of a genius.  He can fix anything!   But more important is his love, loyalty, and appreciation for me.  I cannot express enough how proud I am of all he has accomplished and will accomplish within his life.   Bob, currently is a engineer for Maxim Integrated Products and keeps their computer networks up and running.

JOHN ITNYRE - John Itnyre is another of my adopted students that I am proud to call my son.   First inspired by his mother who took young John on a educational trip and photographed all of the 21 California missions.  John's manic interest to soak up everything I taught him in our photography classes,  made him my dream student.    Soon, I had another shadow in my life.  Truly  we have both been blessed by this arrangement.  John is one of California's premier photographers.  His technical mastery of his 4 x 5 camera is second to none.  Currently, John is living in Tucson, Arizona to be close to the Museum of Contemporary Photography and works at local Camera store. 

ADAM VOORHES - Originally from San Jose, California, Adam grew up in the Silicon Valley and attended Milpitas High School as one of my many students.  He received his first graphics job at 15, creating a magazine ad for the ‘National Building Inspectors Group’ that appeared in a number of architectural magazines.  Adam is  currently attending ‘Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara’ majoring in Commercial Photography and working as a web developer.

See his site as www.advagraphics.com





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